Are you ready to take your manufacturing company to the next level?

GrowFL Virtual PeerSpectives Roundtables

GrowFL, in partnership with FloridaMakes and the Edward Lowe Foundation, is kicking off the next cohort for the Manufacturers Business Growth Program. This program, designed especially for second-stage manufacturers and manufacturing-related companies . The Manufacturers Business Growth Program includes a year-long curriculum for CEOs, presidents or business owners, and their sales and marketing teams, who are looking to grow their company or address challenging business problems.

Program Cost:  $1,000 annually PeerSpectives is a unique CEO roundtable methodology designed especially for leaders of second-stage growth companies. The system differs from other roundtable formats by having:

  • A structured format that ensure balanced group discussion not dominated by any one individual.
  • Professional facilitators who are trained at the foundation.
  • An emphasis on sharing experiences rather than giving advice.
  • Participants who come from diverse, noncompeting industries.

PeerSpectives provides a confidential environment for discussing sensitive issues — both in their business and personal lives. Roundtables participants tell us that they have gotten new ideas on everything from marketing strategy and financial issues to dealing with difficult personnel problems. What’s more, the roundtables also spark accountability and strong bonds among members. Every leader of a second-stage company can benefit from attending a CEO roundtable.

This service incorporates all the elements of PeerSpectives – trained facilitators, participants from noncompeting industries, confidentiality, and emphasis on sharing experiences rather than giving advice. The only difference is that you’re meeting via video conferencing rather than face-to-face.  “The concept behind the program is to help second-stage companies grow their top-line revenue,” said Dr. Tom O’Neal, executive director of GrowFL. “This way companies can create more jobs that will help the economy prosper,” he said.

Participants can choose to participate in the Virtual Roundtable only, or both the Virtual Roundtable and the Strategic Research Marketing and Sales Program. The roundtables are also available in the traditional in-person format located in Florida’s major markets. The Virtual Roundtable program allows you to participate, no matter where in Florida you are located.

GrowFL is seeking participants for this program who are exclusively in manufacturing and manufacturing-related industries. Cost to sign up for the Virtual CEO Roundtable is $1,000 per company. Limited to CEO, president or business owner of a manufacturing company. There is an additional cost for the Strategic Research of $7,500 per company.

Each company will have an opportunity to evaluate the Strategic Research for applicability and apply for a grant to help offset a portion of the cost of this part of the program. Want to Learn more?  Watch the webinar below and hear from a CEO that has experienced the power of the Virtual CEO Roundtable program. The schedule of meetings is noted below.

  • Be a company with at least 6 employees, but not more than 150
  • Have revenue of at least $750,000, but not more than $100 million
  • Be headquartered in Florida
  • Be in a manufacturing or manufacturing-related industry.


“GrowFL is a tremendous value for any entrepreneur and the camaraderie of learning other entrepreneurs’ achievements, successes and failures is simply invaluable,” he said. “The strategies and techniques I’m learning in the CEO Roundtable group, from the programming and listening to other CEOs, is extremely important to continue to grow the business the way I think it needs to grow.”  ~Bill Davis, IM Solutions

“It’s such a genuine experience,” he said. “You quickly realize we all have the same stresses. We talk about how we dealt with a certain employee or a certain issue or how a certain book made an impact. I go in with a notebook and, even if a problem being discussed is not on my radar now, it might be eventually. I get to hear from a guy with 90 employees about the issues he’s dealing with. It’s a great place to let your guard down and show your insecurities. People get emotional and share a great deal. On a personal level, my involvement with the GrowFL CEO Roundtable program has led to some tremendous results. With a growth rate of 200%, cash flow is a big deal. Based on advice I received from the group, I was able to secure a $1 million line of credit that gives us flexibility and allows my partner and I to maintain 100% ownership of the company. We’re using this new line of credit to pursue new business with universities, resorts and various government entities. We’re also set to move into a new location that’s three times the size of our current one.” ~Adam Sulimirski, Cruise Car