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Natural Vitamins Laboratory, LLC
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283% Job Growth 2013-2017


Revenue Growth 2013-2017


Natural Vitamins Laboratories is the recognized cGMP leader for about 25 years in providing custom manufacturing and private labeling of vitamins, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals OTC, sports nutrition and Pet Products. These supplements are produced in Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gels, Powder, Liquid, Gummies (Pectin), Cream and Blister and Liquid Gel Capsules.
NVL produced top selling products that are distributed by mass distribution chains. The company has diverse customers and ships both domestically and worldwide. Its customers include Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, UAE, USA, Europe, Paraguay, Uruguay and India.

South Florida Manufacturer Offers Diversified Health Product Portfolio

Rachana Arora, Director of Natural Vitamins Laboratory, was a full-time dentist until 2016 and is now the driving force behind the company.

“My husband and brother became partners at Natural Vitamins in 2008 and purchased the company outright in 2016,” she said. “They asked me to join them to drive growth by diversifying the product portfolio and expanding into new markets.”

Natural Vitamins Laboratory is a contract manufacturer of health products.

“The unique thing about us is we are a one-stop shop that can manufacture all the different dosage types, including tablets, gels, gummies, liquids and creams in one location,” Arora explained. “Usually our competitors can do one or two types and outsource the others, but we can do everything under one roof. We manufacture mostly health products, but also some beauty products.”

Arora is grateful that Natural Vitamins has been chosen by GrowFL as a Florida Companies to Watch.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized in that category,” she said. “Hopefully we keep excelling in the same field.”

Arora’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to read Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim.

“It’s tough in the beginning,” she said. “As long as you stay consistent and focused, you will get results.”

Natural Vitamins Laboratory, LLC
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