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264% Job Growth 2013-2017


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Lightspeed Voice is a carrier‐grade cloud based IP telephony provider. We replace your telephone system with our state‐of‐the‐art suite of telecommunications and business management tools. Lightspeed Voice becomes your Telephone Company, in‐house support staff, and trusted adviser all baked into a single, easy, and exciting package. Kiss your old phone service provider and costly, high maintenance telephone system goodbye and leave bad customer service and mediocre technology in your rear‐view. Say HELLO to the peace of mind in knowing your technology will never become outdated. With the Lightspeed Voice PrismPBX, your company can enjoy the communications features of a Fortune 500 company while instantly reducing your telephone upgrade and deployment costs by over 90% and monthly service costs by up to 50%! With our rapidly developing technology platform, we are able to provide a full array of carrier‐class service offerings, including our highly rated voice service, which includes unlimited local and long distance, text messaging, call recording, and many more unique and powerful web‐based tools designed to increase productivity, generate sales, and create transparent accountability. Lightspeed Voice is dedicated to the customer experience. And with our aptly named “over‐the‐top” customer service, we recently earned a staggering 9.1 Net Promoter Score across our client base in 49 states.

Entrepreneur realizes dream, helps businesses grow and makes a positive difference in the community

Brad Fuller, founder of Lightspeed Voice, launched the company because he felt he could improve upon his employers’ practices and wanted to be in the driver’s seat to make that happen.

“I always wanted more. Creating a product that helps businesses grow, families thrive and makes a positive difference in the community has been my dream and vision”, he said. “It became obvious that to meet these goals, I needed to do something on my own that would allow me the freedom to customize solutions and create a loyal client base. Before Lightspeed Voice, I started an IT services company in Gainesville serving many well-known education, biotech and professional services companies. We provided a wide array of services, including basic telephone, that we either white-labeled or wholesaled from third-party companies.”

“As our clients continued to request voice services, we began developing our own product to complement our other managed service offerings”, Brad continued. “Soon we had refined our delivery model to the point we reached a crossroads. We could continue with the managed security and networking services on which we had built our company, or we could listen to our intuition and completely change our business direction. We ultimately decided the opportunity outweighed the risk, and that our chances for long-term success were better with the telecommunication services. Fast-forward to 2017 and we now serve thousands of clients across the United States with an average satisfaction rate in excess of 98 percent. Customer service is what we do.”

Lightspeed Voice is a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider. The company utilizes the internet to host its software-based telephone system which augments the communications ability of a business through reporting and advanced features such as text messaging, virtual fax, lead management, and more.

“Our system directly integrates with many widely used sales, CRM, and service tools,” Fuller explained. “Phone integration is a must-have piece of technology in today’s office. The PrismPBX ensures employee productivity, accountability, and compliance while increasing customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention. Our company has become an expert on business process and we enjoy taking a consultative approach with our clients and helping them discover new and better ways to analyze their company’s performance.”

For Fuller, being recognized as a Florida Companies to Watch is an honor that validates all the hard work his team put in.

“It’s an unbelievable and humbling opportunity,” he stated. “Our entire team is grateful for the acknowledgement of their dedication and hard work. We take the customer experience very seriously and hope to be serving our valuable clients for many years to come.”

Fuller’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to avoid hesitation and take action today.

“Go for it,” he said. “You have to close your eyes and shoot for the stars. After you shoot, open your eyes.”

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