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105% Job Growth 2015-2017


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Jaycon Systems specializes in bringing hardware products to life by offering a complete service line that takes product concepts to mass production. Their offerings range from product and electronics design to prototyping and manufacturing. They apply their knowledge of technology to most markets, among them consumer electronics, computer hardware, marketing/multimedia, and environment. With their entrepreneurial spirit and as a rapid-prototyping firm, they believe in building products right the first time and introducing them quickly to market.

College Student Turned Entrepreneur Builds Successful Design and Manufacturing Company

Jiten “Jay” Chandiramani, co-founder of Jaycon Systems, launched his company right out of college after an internship helped him understand that corporate engineering was not for him.

“The engineering world wasn’t what I thought it would be,” he said. “I was stuck doing one task all day and didn’t get exposure to the many other things I wanted to do. At the time, I was a graduate assistant teaching a class on electronics and the idea for the business came after I saw a need for an electronic kit for the class. My co-founder, Derek Blankenship, encouraged me and helped me make the kits. We started building them in my house in college and built our first board on the kitchen stove. We grew slowly at first, but were able to save money and purchase a small machine to build boards in my garage.”

Six years later in 2017, Jaycon Systems is an award-winning product design and manufacturing company with the mission to simplify the hardware development and manufacturing process.

“With our experience in building electronics and plastic parts, we make it easier for entrepreneurs and companies to launch their hardware products and get to market quicker,” Chandiramani explained. “Even though we are a small team, all our engineers are cross-trained and able to tackle problems at the various stages of the product development process. That translates into a quicker cycle because we do it all in one place. Speed is what you get when you work with us. We’re small with little overhead, enabling us to get things done more inexpensively. We also have our own office in China working Western hours, which allows us to be one step ahead when it comes to Chinese manufacturing.”

Chandiramani is humbled and excited that Jaycon Systems was named a Florida Company to Watch. “It’s a privilege,” he said. “We can’t believe we’re winning awards. It’s amazing. It’s fuel for the fire, and everyone is really excited.”

Chandiramani’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to avoid going into business alone and do not give up.
“You definitely want to find a co-founder,” he said. “Don’t do it alone because of the ups and downs. You want someone who cheers you up when you’re down and vice-versa. And you certainly have to be very persistent because there is no overnight success.”

Jaycon Systems
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