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CPWG has served public and private clients with our full complement of engineering consulting services that includes civil design and municipal engineering, transportation engineering and planning, water resources, stormwater engineering, lake nutrient studies, NPDES services, traffic engineering, utility undergrounding, GIS services, landscape architecture, corridor engineering studies, pavement management services, construction management services, CEI services and program management.

Serial Entrepreneur is Passionate and Focused

Steve Tarte, co-founder of CPWG Engineering, is a serial entrepreneur who participates in GrowFL’s CEO Roundtable program because he recognizes even successful, experienced business people can benefit from the viewpoints of others.

“GrowFL’s CEO Roundtable meetings are one of my most anticipated meetings each month,” he said. “It has been a real delight to be part of the group and it has also been very helpful. It’s exceeded my expectations. I’ve been part of other similar groups before and was somewhat skeptical going in and it has more than exceeded my expectations.”

CPWG Engineering provides full-service engineering, planning and landscape architecture to mostly public clients. “We believe our responsiveness separates us and is our differentiator,” Tarte explained. “Our tag line is ‘At The Ready’ because we are at the ready to do all types of services for a client and we pride ourselves on being hyper-responsive.”

Tarte got an early taste of entrepreneurship and small business when he started working in his father’s store. Since then, he has launched and sold two companies and now is a principle in another two while growing CPWG.

Tarte’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple. “Be passionate about what you want to do,” he said. “Make sure you’re funded and be focused.”

Both Tarte and his team are proud to be recognized by GrowFL as a Florida Companies to Watch.

“For all of us here at CPWG this recognition exemplifies and rewards all the hard work and dedication our team executes everyday serving our clients,” he said. “We are proud that our team has been highlighted in the business community and we can individually and collectively be proud we are part of CPWG.”

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