GrowFL Strategic Research puts the capabilities of a Fortune 500 company’s market research department in the hands of a second-stage business for the purpose of increasing top-line revenue.

GrowFL matches you with a team of specialists in unique areas to analyze your overall business strategy. Following an initial diagnostic conference call, each team member works virtually from offices across the state through an online collaboration tool to send you reports, recommendations and data lists to implement at your own pace. The team is there to work with you on problems that you identify and to provide additional perspective on potential issues or opportunities that you may not have seen. Our Strategic Research Program includes these services to help your company improve topline revenue.

Market Research/Competitive Intelligence

For a company in the financial services industry, GrowFL provided a list of all the companies that had registered as financial services providers within Florida, and explained how to locate these resources in the future. This information provided the company with a large list of prospects to drive sales activities.

Internet & Social Media Strategy/Search Engine Optimization

For a company providing computer software training for a specific niche, GrowFL utilized professional online monitoring tools to produce a report filled with online conversations that were relevant to the company’s industry. This report was made up of information gathered from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other online outlets and contained the message, author, time/date shared, profile link and more. Equipped with this information, the team recommended a participation and thought leadership strategy to increase their company’s visibility and credibility within the market.

Geographic Information Systems

For an agent of a major cellular phone provider, GrowFL provided spatial intelligence about each of the agent’s locations. Through this information, the agent will be able to make better decisions about local marketing efforts by understanding the competitive environment around each store. The agent can also use the information to help locate new stores by looking at locations with similar success characteristics.

Core Strategy Review

For a market research company, GrowFL conducted a review of a business strategy that would transform the company from a niche player to a full-service marketing company. Working directly with the CEO and COO of the company, the team provided recommendations and considerations related to competitive threats, niche market approaches, and phasing of the roll-out.


For a specialty optics manufacturing company, GrowFL provided an introduction to a major aerospace systems integrator. The company was able to parlay the introduction into a prototype order, leading to potential high volume production contract. GrowFL also provided a referral for a process/metrics consultant for a plastics products manufacturer so the company could operationalize strategic objectives. Another referral for a GrowFL client resulted in private investment coaching (angel, venture, mezzanine funding) for the company’s expanding electronics assembly company.

David Karins, founder

Karins Engineering Group

Dr. Nancy Crews, founder

Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc.

Eric Rosenthal, CEO


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