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CEOs of second-stage growth companies located in Florida have but one organization that is dedicated solely to their success; GrowFL.  That said, CEOs of second-stage companies are an untapped resource for galvanizing this particular community of business leaders into one common, proactive voice.  Achieving this collective voice will lead to enhanced corporate success.  The catalyst for convening CEOs of second-stage growth companies is GrowFL’s Chairman’s Council, whose only members are CEOs.

GrowFL’s Chairman’s Council “Why” Statement is: To convene and unify CEOs for the express purpose of enhancing support and success of second-stage growth companies located in Florida.

For more information on the GrowFL Chairman’s Council – contact Chris Morton, GrowFL Advisory Board Chair, 407.718.7940 or Mike Bobroff, GrowFL Investor Relations Consultant, 407.765.1919.


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David Carrier, President/CEO
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QuantumFlo provides packaged pumping systems and industrial automation and controls for plumbing, irrigation, HVAC and municipalities. The company began in 2007 as a team effort from a group of professionals who wanted to redefine the package pump systems market.  The company’s simple goal was to design and deliver the very best packaged, variable speed controlled technologies to the industry with the latest energy-efficient tools available.  As the quest for perfection began, QuantumFlo discovered that the market had nothing to offer, so they began designing system solutions that took advantage of “state of the art” technologies, not previously offered by competitors.  As the years passed, the desire to continually “leap-frog” previous designs opened new doors and ideas for innovation and efficiency.  The culmination of these epiphanies is represented in the market leading products, which are produced in the DeBary, FL facility today.

Dr. Nancy Crews, Founder, Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc.
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Dr. Nancy Crews, founder of Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc., spun the company off of a Lockheed Martin nuclear weapons division. “At the end of the Cold War, they were in the process of downsizing the nuclear weapons complex in Florida and were looking at people to help them take those technologies and commercialize them,” she said. “I was in the right place at the right time. I was hired to help with that process. An opportunity came up to spin off part of that business and that’s what I did.”
Established in 1997, Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. specializes in organic design, build-to-print and build-to-spec power solutions from power supplies to testing equipment and any ancillary equipment in between. “We bring engineering design and manufacturing know-how to provide solutions to customers,” Crews explains.  Originally, the company focused heavily on servicing the defense industry, so when sequestration and budget cuts reduced defense spending, Crews sought assistance from GrowFL to help her company diversify. Crews’ advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to “grow your network as much as possible across a wide range of disciplines. Always be on the lookout for agencies that can help you get your message out or with a certain aspect of your business and the biggest thing entrepreneurs should understand is the power of cash and financials in your business.”

Jeff Piersall, CEO, SCB Marketing
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SCB Marketing works with companies that are interested in growing, developing more market share, increasing their influence, and creating more jobs as a result of their growth. They use the three pillars of strategy, content and branding to develop a plan that not only synchronizes these but most importantly delivers results for your goals. In today’s digital marketplace confusion and change are the standard operating procedures; and, due to the speed of the change your business is needs a focused plan of execution in order to inform your clients of the unique difference you bring and the value of doing business with you. Through partnerships and our own assets we create a plan to deliver these results for you on a timely basis. You, the business owner, are faced with decisions every day and your marketing plan gets overlooked on a consistent basis. We help make you relevant to your customers, distinguish you for your competition, elevate your key employees for consistent recognition, increase the cultural pride in representing your company, connect you with those who can help scale your business and provide a platform of consistent and on-going education to keep you in front of the market.