Opportunities & Challenges of Social Media in the Workplace


The use of social media has exploded in the last several years, so much so that it now touches almost every facet of our lives. Friendster, the first social media site, was launched in 2003. Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter soon followed. Facebook, the most popular of the social media sites, currently has over 500 million users. It is the second most popular website behind Google.

Social media is about community and relationships. You probably already realize how important it is to increase your businesses exposure in your local community. Perhaps you belong to the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary club or serve on the board of a charitable organization. Think of social media as an online extension of the many networking activities you may already participate in as part of the “real world.” Some of the more commonly known professional sites are LinkedIn, FastPitch and
Plaxo. These sites are used for business networking and job hunting. Many people consider them to be customer lead generation vehicles as well. These sites share the common objective of building an online business community. They can support your business by strengthening and expanding its network of contacts. Based on specific trade and business information, LinkedIn, Fastpitch and Plaxo can enable you to connect with individuals who may have mutually beneficial opportunities to offer.

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