Strategic Positioning with Unified Communications

An effective communications strategy has always been foundational to market success. Yet in today’s business climate, companies are challenged to stay one step ahead of the rapidly evolving technology needed to carry out their strategy. Companies on a rapid growth trajectory need flexible, cost efficient options to address their present and future communications strategy. As technological innovation continues to accelerate

Building an Effective Alternative Asset Manager / Prime Broker Relationship

All business relationships are driven by the belief that both sides will receive a mutual benefit that will allow for a long term sustainable partnership between both firms. For a prime brokerage / alternative asset manager relationship this principle is no different. An alternative asset manager (“AAM”) looks for certain services from its prime broker (“PB”): financing, access to balance

The Association CFO’s Guide to A Winning Investment Committee

In 2013, the Washington State Appeals Court upheld a lower court ruling finding that one of the state’s largest trade organizations, the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW), violated their fiduciary duty by retaining interest earned on deposited funds, commingling funds, and failing to provide statutorily required accountings. The judgement required the BIAW to disgorge approximately $20 million in

Phishing For Coverage: When Is Fraud A “Computer Fraud”?

In late June, the New  York Court of Appeals affirmed a trial court ruling that there was no coverage for a health insurance company policyholder, under a “computer systems fraud” rider issued by its insurer, for an underlying $18 million liability it incurred as a result of paying fraudulent claims submitted by providers for services never performed, under certain of

Alternative Asset Managers: Cash Management Landscape in a Post Basel III World

As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (“BCBS”) has proposed standards to provide stability to the banking sector by implementing safeguards that are intended to make banks more resilient in a financial crisis. Specifically, the BCBS under Basel III has introduced, amongst other things, stricter capital requirements, leverage limitations and liquidity provisions. Impact

“Contractor?” I Do Not Think That Employers’ Liability Exclusion Means What You Think It Means

Over the summer, this blog reported on how the supreme Court of Pennsylvania managed to parse an employer’s liability exclusion to find that it did not exclude claims by employees of additional insureds. As the leaves started to turn, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit put an employer’s exclusion under a similar microscope. In United States Liab.

Growing Boca Biotech Company Fills a Niche

Sometimes, a doctor can’t find the exact medication needed for a patient, or there’s a shortage of a drug. Helping to fill that need is KRS Global Biotechnology in Boca Raton. Founded in 2001, KRS makes custom pharmaceuticals for doctors, hospitals and pharmacies; sterile products such as syringes and IV bags; purified water for drug manufacturing; and a kit