Healthcare data privacy risks: More dangerous than retail?

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Data breaches in the healthcare industry and their related business associates continue to put patient data, and ultimately identities, at risk. It is estimated that data breaches are costing the healthcare industry more than $6 billion a year.1 Healthcare breaches cost more per record, on average, than do breaches in any other industry.

Of the 90 healthcare organizations studied as part of the Ponemon Institute’s Fifth Annual Benchmark Study of Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data:

• 40% reported having suffered more than five data breaches in the past 24 months
• 39% reported two to five breaches
• 12% reported one breach
• 9% reported no data breaches

In reality, of those 9%, there is a good possibility that they have actually suffered a breach and just are not aware of it yet. This is often the case, especially with malware-type attacks that can go unnoticed.

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