GrowFL Making an Impact

GrowFL is driven by one goal – to cultivate scalable second-stage growth companies across the state. Second-stage companies are the backbone of Florida’s economy and the definition of economic growth and prosperity. GrowFL, through our nationally certified team of experts, provides proven methods to help overcome unique challenges facing second-stage companies as they grow. As the only statewide organization focused exclusively on second-stage and emerging second-stage growth companies, GrowFL’s philosophy is to identify, serve and celebrate these companies that have the best potential to contribute to Florida’s economy. Second-stage companies are identified as somewhere in between a startup and a large firm and have one basic commonality – they are poised for growth. Focusing our efforts on these companies means strengthening the economy of the region and supporting the entrepreneurs who live among us.

As of June 30, 2015, GrowFL assisted companies represent over 16,737 direct jobs across the state of Florida. In 2015, these companies had an estimated regional sales of over $3.4 billion and contributed regional GDP of over $1.4 billion to the Florida economy. Between 2009 and 2015, a variety of state, local and private sector funding sources invested $8.04 million in the GrowFL program. The activities of this program over the same time period helped generate an estimated 10,942 net new direct, indirect and induced jobs. This in turn helped contribute over an estimated total regional sales of over $1.88 billion and total regional GDP of over $941 million to the Florida economy. Further, these activities generated an additional $81.18 million in total state and local tax revenues (above and beyond the cost of the program). This translates into a Net Return On Investment of $9.10 for every $1.00 invested into the program.

*All dollar amounts have been adjusted to 2016 dollars.

People Employed by GrowFL Assisted Companies

Direct Jobs Created by GrowFL Assisted Companies

Indirect Jobs Created by GrowFL Assisted Companies

Total Impact on Regional GDP

Total Impact on Regional Sales

Total Impact on State and Local Taxes

Total Investment in GrowFL from private and public sources

for every $1 invested in the GrowFL Program

“Oftentimes I have wished for a ‘How to’ manual on how to run my company. As leaders we must be constantly learning and adapting to current market conditions. GrowFL provides me unparalleled access to fellow leaders and the ability
to see company management and leadership through another’s perspective. It is the best thing I have found to continuously improve and learn from my peers.”
Richard Sweat, President.Decimal
“One of the big benefits of being in the GrowFL program is realizing that you’re not alone and the majority of your problems are usually similar … you come to learn there are multiple ways to solve an issue.”
Ed Logue. CEOVision Engineering Solutions, LLC

GrowFL was the 1st Nationally Certified Economic Gardening Program by the Edward Lowe Foundation