Florida Job Growth: The Beat Goes On

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  Hiring Continues to Shine

  Florida businesses continue to hire workers at a pace nearly double that of
the country as a whole. Private sector payrolls added 25,800 net new jobs
in April and rose a solid 4.1 percent over the past year. Hiring rose in most
major industry categories during the month, with the exception of
construction and local government, which both posted small declines. Most
of April’s 2,300 drop in construction jobs appears to have been in heavy
construction & engineering and construction of buildings, which both fell
on a non-seasonally adjusted basis. The declines likely reflect the
completion of some large projects. There are still a bevy of such projects in
the pipeline in Florida, however, including mega projects such as the
widening of I-4 in Orlando. Year-over-year, construction payrolls are up
7.6 percent, with construction of buildings up 6.5 percent and employment
in heavy construction is up 6.3 percent.

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