Creating a Strong Culture: HR Partners Enable Success

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Building the right culture is one of the biggest drivers for business growth and employee engagement. HR has been designated to handle that charge, but they often lack the appropriate resources and time to effectively maintain their culture. With the right support from outside parties, HR can save time and energy by outsourcing administrative tasks and build their culture and their workforce in the process.

A strong culture that resonates throughout an organization is paramount to workforce retention and business success. But the reality is that it’s the age of the employee, and employees can be pickier than ever about where they work. Per Aberdeen Group’s Hiring Success Management: Moving Beyond the ATS (April 2015) report, 79% of businesses indicate that their biggest HR hurdle is finding and hiring appropriately skilled talent in a thinned-out candidate pool. That’s why it’s a necessity to pair attractive compensation and benefits packages with a well defined, dependable, and compelling company culture in order to retain and attract top-performing employees. Culture, defined as the identity and personality of an organization, incorporates the behaviors and values of employees, management, and often times, customers. Not all cultures are the same, though. The best cultures are those centered on people and based on transparency and honesty. They enable employees to be more comfortable in their roles and flourish as a result.

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