Join us on Saturday, October 14, 2017 for the seventh annual Florida Companies to Watch awards program. Over the last six years, 300 companies from throughout Florida have been recognized at our elite event, which will be held at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, FL.  Join the movement… Nominate successful second-stage growth companies from your community… Support the winners… Attend the event… Florida Companies to Watch celebrates growing second-stage companies headquartered in Florida. Companies to Watch was developed by the Edward Lowe Foundation as a unique way to recognize and honor second-stage companies that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace with innovative strategies and processes, making them “worth watching”. Presented by GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute, in association with Edward Lowe Foundation, Florida Companies to Watch is an awards program like no other. We all have a compelling story to tell. We encourage you to tell yours!

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We put the CEO at the center of everything we do.

GrowFL was created in 2009 as an economic development program focused on assisting second-stage growth companies prosper in the state of Florida.  By providing strategies, resources and support to second-stage companies for next level growth through Strategic Research, Peer Learning and Leadership Development, GrowFL helps companies overcome obstacles to growth and leads them towards prosperity. Based on the philosophy of Economic Gardening®—to grow existing businesses in a community, region or state—GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute, is a critical component to the state’s economic development strategy and Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  GrowFL is a statewide economic development organization certified by the National Center for Economic Gardening through the Edward Lowe Foundation.

As of June 30, 2015, GrowFL assisted companies represent over 16,737 direct jobs across the state of Florida. In 2015, these companies had an estimated regional sales of over $3.4 billion and contributed regional GDP of over $1.4 billion to the Florida economy. Between 2009 and 2015, a variety of state, local and private sector funding sources invested $8.04 million in the GrowFL program. The activities of this program over the same time period helped generate an estimated 10,942 net new direct, indirect and induced jobs. This in turn helped contribute over an estimated total regional sales of over $1.88 billion and total regional GDP of over $941 million to the Florida economy. Further, these activities generated an additional $81.18 million in total state and local tax revenues (above and beyond the cost of the program). This translates into a Net Return On Investment of $9.10 for every $1.00 invested into the program.

*All dollar amounts have been adjusted to 2016 dollars.

Today, GrowFL has assisted more than 900 companies through our Strategic Research and CEO Roundtable programs and recognized 300 successful entrepreneurs through our annual awards program, Florida Companies to Watch.

GrowFL Mission

To provide strategies, resources and support to second-stage companies for next level growth.

It’s about the strategy. It’s about sustainable growth.

Identifying the core business strategy of a company helps determine if they are in the right market; what type of product or service they have and is it sustainable; and how can they tap into the most successful market at the lowest cost. GrowFL experts work directly with a CEO and his or her team to answer these questions and provide the clearest path towards increasing their top line revenues.

Second-stage companies are identified as somewhere in between a startup and a large firm and have one basic commonality – they are poised for growth. Focusing our efforts on these companies means strengthening the economy of the region and supporting the entrepreneurs who live among us.

GrowFL is driven by one goal – to cultivate second-stage growth companies across the state. Second-stage companies are the backbone of Florida’s economy and the definition of economic growth and prosperity. GrowFL, through our nationally certified team of experts, provides proven methods to help overcome unique challenges facing second-stage companies as they grow.

As the only statewide organization focused exclusively on second-stage and emerging second-stage growth companies, GrowFL’s philosophy is to identify, serve and celebrate these companies that have the best potential to contribute to Florida’s economy.

Working with statewide partners and entrepreneur support organizations, we are committed to local delivery of services to help these companies achieve their potential.

GrowFL Announces New Program for Manufacturers

GrowFL, in partnership with FloridaMakes, is working to provide a year-long curriculum for manufacturers and manufacturing-related companies. The Manufacturers Business Growth Program includes a year-long curriculum for CEOs, presidents or business owners, and their sales and marketing teams, who are looking to grow their company or address challenging business problems.

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